Down by the river.

I’ve always found it strange that despite being a confirmed hydrophobe, rivers seem to exert a strange, mesmeric effect on me. Seas are too vast and overwhelming, lakes,too still and impenetrable, ponds, flat and boring but rivers, seem to speak in a thousand voices. It probably has a lot to do with a bubbling littleContinue reading “Down by the river.”

Wedding wows.

Waking up to the mellow strains of a shehnai, floating in from somewhere, could only mean one thing… that the marriage season had begun all over again after a lengthy covid induced break. What added to the feel good factor, was, that there was a wedding in the family too, after a long hiatus, alsoContinue reading “Wedding wows.”

Child at heart.

Yesterday, while walking to a store in an upscale neighborhood, I came across a pert miss, all of five years perhaps, who told me that she was hungry and added in the same breath, not to give her money but to buy her an ice cream from a nearby vendor. This wasn’t the forlorn childContinue reading “Child at heart.”

Decoding Diwali

Yesterday was Diwali. A post on social media by my much younger friend, Disha, set me thinking. What exactly is Diwali? Is it a festival of plenty, the season of lights and firecrackers, a tradition with much-loved rituals evoking many precious memories, a time to clean out our houses, the mental and physical clutter, jettisonContinue reading “Decoding Diwali”

Biryani battles.

Paeans have been sung to it, nawabs and bawarchis have been bewitched by it but it’s still hard to figure out, exactly what makes the biryani cut across all social divides, to become the love of probably everyone’s life, in the sub continent at least. It may also explain why there’s such a dearth ofContinue reading “Biryani battles.”

Staycation Stories.

Once upon a time there used to be clearly defined holiday seasons. Especially, when the year started winding down and autumn and cooler weather, set in. In locked out times though, perhaps heeding some atavistic thoughts of a holiday at this time, while the spirit seems willing to head off somewhere, the body is notContinue reading “Staycation Stories.”

The Four Days of the Devi. Small village, big history, part 2.

The four days of the Durga puja are now over, the elaborate family puja in the  small village of Guptipara, Bengal, is complete and it’s time to visit relatives and friends with boxes of sweets, seeking the blessings of elders and to greet each other with ‘Shubho Bijoya’! A time to celebrate the victory ofContinue reading “The Four Days of the Devi. Small village, big history, part 2.”

Small village, big history.

Its that time of the year when we as a family, along with the rest of the clan, set off to a village, tucked away in the heart of Hooghly district, 90 kms from Calcutta/ Kolkata. Guptipara, which roughly translates as ‘a secret place’, has enough history, myths and folk lore surrounding it to satisfyContinue reading “Small village, big history.”

Homestay happiness.

The holiday season is almost here, heading out, may or may not happen but thoughts of jaunts to great places, are definitely trending. Homestays are now great favourites with those who travel, especially for those with families.These are warm, happy places, replete with generous hospitality, convivial families and comforts of all sorts. You experience firstContinue reading “Homestay happiness.”

Homecoming and good byes.

Durga puja, our biggest festival, is just ten days away. As dawn broke today, the radio played, like it does on this particular day every year, the emotionally charged, sonorous recording, of the epic battle fought by the Mother Goddess, Durga, heeding the prayers of mortals being persecuted relentlessly by the demon Mahishasura, ending inContinue reading “Homecoming and good byes.”

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